HD-DVD is finally dead.

If you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to the HD format war, you know that HD-DVD has been dying since before CES (Consumer Electronics Show). When Warner Brothers declared their intentions to drop support for HD-DVD, it gave Blu-ray an inarguable advantage.

Most of the podcast pundits I listened to tended to say similar things: That HD-DVD was likely to die, but that it was far from dead. Well, it hasn’t been 2 months, and the two biggest movie retailers (Wal-Mart and Best Buy) have stated that they are going to stop stocking HD-DVD. There are even rumors that Toshiba is going to drop their own format, and start making Blu-ray players sometime soon.

Many of the pundits (like Patrick Norton, among others in the Buzz Out Loud, TWIT, and Revision3 circles) morn the death of HD-DVD, as it had better special feature capabilities from the start. Too bad, so sad, the Betamax of HD is dead. Being better has never outweighed market penetration and sales figures (Windows vs Apple; VHS vs Betamax; Xbox360 vs PS3; etc…). Blu-ray always had better market penetration of their players, and the movies always outsold HD-DVD, even when the HD-DVD version of a movie had more features (the movie 300, for example). Frankly, I think the pundits should have seen this coming before the Warner Brothers news.


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