Schools and Creativity

I just stumbled upon this video that I wish I’d seen a long time ago. We all know that there is a problem with the modern public educational system. However, we tend to see it as a problem of numbers: not high enough scores on tests, and the like. I view it as a restriction of method and creativity. This video talks about that quite well. (Sorry for the commercial at the end. Please feel free to ignore it. I’m not getting any money out of it, but I hope someone worth while is.)

This links in very well with Larry Lessig’s video I posted about earlier. With the increased capabilities of people to contribute creatively to media, we should probably be addressing that fact in our public school system to a far greater extent then we are at present. Maybe, if our schools taught less essay writing (a subject that’s really only useful within academia) we taught them journalistic blog writing (the importance of linking to your source, and so on), they might take more of an interest. Even if they don’t, you’ll still be teaching them something that’s far more useful outside the academic arena than within it. That holds significant value.

We need our schools to adapt to the creative culture of interactive media. It’s no wonder kids have trouble seeing how anything they’re being taught at school will effect their current and future lives. It still does effect them, but in increasingly more convoluted ways than it used to.

But that’s just my opinion.


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