Another Rebuttal Of The Red Phone Add

Apart from the news that Obama won the Texas caucus, as I’d suspected, and managed to squeak out a delegate win from the state (which I hadn’t expected, but was very happy to see), yet another rebuttal of Hillary’s (or McCain’s) red phone add surfaced from an unexpected source.

I really think Hillary needs to take a few steps back, and really take a good look at how her campaign is shaping up.

This country doesn’t need yet another candidate like John Kerry; a person people vote for just because he’s not a republican. Sorry, Hillary, but you can’t pull off the sort of voter support Obama can, and you know it. Obama’s support isn’t a fluke, and you’d be stupid not to realize that by now. He’s someone far more people are voting for, as opposed to the name on the ballot they cast against the other guy. Please, just drop out before you make an even bigger mockery of yourself.


P.S. Another person who gets her news from the Daily Show. I’m really not sure how I feel about that, apart from it still being funny.



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