GNOME, I’m Breaking Up With You

After looking over some of the lackluster new features in GNOME 2.22, and having experimented with other versions of GNOME through Ubuntu for a couple years, I’ve finally come to a realization: I’m a KDE man. It’s hard to admit it, but the fact remains that the only Linux operating system I’ve ever been able to run exclusively for more than a few months (Mandrake 10) ran KDE.

It’s hard for me to break up with GNOME, because we’ve had a lot of good times together. It’s certainly a more user friendly desktop. It’s a really easy transition from the Windows desktop to GNOME. However, a lot of the applications that I love Linux for are KDE applications (Amarok, and K3b, for example). Yes, I know GNOME is fully capable of running KDE applications, but I feel that KDE runs them better. What’s more, KDE runs GNOME applications just as well as GNOME does, while GNOME takes forever just to get a KDE app on the screen.

Also, KDE handles online video better. I don’t know why, but I get far less frame tearing with flash video while running KDE than with GNOME. That’s a huge issue, with online video and cloud computing becoming more important as time passes.

I haven’t tried KDE 4 yet, but it’s looking very good. I’ll probably try it when a distro I like starts running it. Kubuntu didn’t exactly thrill me the last time I tried it, but I’m willing to give it another shot for KDE 4.


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