Obama, Race, and Unity

I refused to post anything about the Geraldine Ferraro or Reverend Wright issues for one primary reason: I thought the media’s focus on those issues was already excessive, and were horrible distractions away from the candidates themselves; their positions on the issues, their priorities, and their words. It’s not that I thought race was an unimportant issue, but that I knew continuing to loop those sound bites wasn’t going to do anything beneficial for the issue of racial inequality.

Barack Obama recently addressed the issue in a real and substantive way. My positions haven’t changed: I still believe we will need to get rid of affirmative action at some point in the future, because the more we make an issue of race, the more of an issue it will be, and at some point, affirmative action will do more racial harm than good. I also don’t think reverse racism is an illusion. But, nor do I think anything Barack Obama said was untrue.

I think it was important that this issue be addressed now, before the racial mudslinging got even more out of hand. I think Barack Obama’s speech, even if not a landmark event, is nevertheless important to see.


Edit: I’m having a little trouble with the embed code, so you can just watch it here.


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