Obama’s Full Speech vs Sound Bite Culture

I’m sorry to post about the same event twice, but I feel I must. I’ve seen the way some in the media have handled Obama’s speech, and it has appalled me.

During the 2004 presidential election, I had tried repeatedly to convince my father’s wife at the time to actually watch the debates in full, rather than just watch the news coverage of them after the fact. She argued against it adamantly, claiming that it was just a waist of time. She argued that, as long as she just watched the clips, and ignored all the commentary before and after them, that she’d get enough of an opinion about what had been said to make a suitably valid and unbiased decision.

She was wrong, and given how things have turned out since then, I hope she knows it now. The sound bite culture has spoiled us, and the validity placed upon all those sound bites by all the talking heads on television have stupefied us. Some issues take more than thirty seconds to address. A well composed and thorough half-hour speech can not be adequately understood through sound bites.

I don’t want people to listen to the sound bites on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, or even NPR. In my opinion, if you didn’t watch or listen to the speech in full, you didn’t watch or listen to the speech at all.

I’m embedding the full video this time, because I really think it is that important for people see the entire speech.


One thought on “Obama’s Full Speech vs Sound Bite Culture

  1. Agree with you but people believe they have busy lives and are quite willing to accept the “view” by some other allegedly trusted source.

    You have to keep pumping the same message in different ways to get them to listen, as so aptly described by you re: the lady in you father’s life.

    If you have no objection here is my link

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