Hillary Clinton is an Establishment Candidate

It’s amazing what will gain prominence on the internet long after the initial writing of the post, or filming of the video. This is an old video clip from one of the presidential debates, back before John Edwards was still in the race.

I never supported John Edwards, because I felt he was slightly too anti-corporate, and that grated with my libertarian tendencies. But, I’ve long held the opinion that Hillary Clinton was an establishment candidate, and so I agree with Mr. Edwards whole heartedly in this instance. Frankly, back when Bill Clinton was in office, I was still in high school, and I wasn’t paying much attention to politics. But, I’m pretty sure of one thing: this country doesn’t need, and shouldn’t want, another Clinton presidency. Yes, the country ran a lot more smoothly under his watch, but he’s also left behind a number of very bad policies that affect us negatively today.

I support Barack Obama because I feel his opposition to our government’s fascist tendencies is more properly measured than John Edwards. However, I don’t see Hillary standing against those tendencies much at all.


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