Please, Don’t Vote for Another Liar.

Bush managed to convince most people that he was honest and genuine in 2000, even among a lot of the people who still thought he’d make a bad president.  Somehow, he managed to carry enough of that over to the 2004 election to keep him in office.  However, he has proven himself to be a boldfaced liar.

But we know, right now, that Hillary Clinton is a liar.  Even if we take the absolute best case scenario, and assume she really is that incompetently forgetful, then we still don’t want her in the white house.  It doesn’t matter how you look at it, in my opinion.  She’s either a liar, or just too incompetent for the job.

Obama has had a verbal mishap recently, and most of you are probably aware of it.  The difference here is that Obama needn’t apologize for what he said; just how he said it.  People are angry with the government, and many actually are bitter.  They don’t trust the government, so they only ever vote the prevent the government from taking away things they see as integral to their culture.  They vote to protect their culture from being overrun by others, or being taken apart peace by peace through legislation.  This is not new, and it’s not necessarily something to be ashamed of.  Obama simply stated these facts in a way that didn’t sound good.

Obama’s controversial words are true, even if poorly chosen.  Hillary, however, lies to our faces.


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