KDE 4 Digital Clock Widget

It seems there were a few people who stumbled upon my blog looking to fix the KDE 4 clock to display time in a 12-hour format.  I felt guilty, because I didn’t actually provide any real information on the subject in the post that led them here.  It’s easy, but a little counterintuitive, so here’s a step by step of how to do it:

Open up the KDE 4 System Settings, and click on the “Regional & Language” icon.  Then, click on the “Time & Dates” tab, and change the time format from “HH:MM:SS” to “pH:MM:SS AMPM”.  You’ll probably need to restart the desktop.

That’s it.  Hopefully, the KDE team will do something soon to make doing this more intuitive.


20 thoughts on “KDE 4 Digital Clock Widget

  1. In the same dialog “Country/Region & Language” (#> kcmshell4 language), my “Country or region:” setting was not defined. After setting to “Unites States of America” everything was setup properly. Although, I did go back and change “PH:MM:SS AMPM” to “pH:MM:SS AMPM”.

    Thanks for the help and tips.

  2. That one is tricky. The clock option itself lets you change timezones but not the format. Who would ever thought the time format setting was fetched in far-away system settings?

  3. Yes, but now how do you change the date format?

    changing the date format in Country/ Region & Language doesn’t seem to affect the digital clock display.

    A bug, a bug, arr, it’s a bug.

    Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom….

  4. Thank you, Wow, that was simple. Been driving my insane since KDE4 released. I have tried Linux before but I am a new Kubuntu user things like this were really turning me off to Linux. Luckily there is no shortage of helpful people like you to work out these little details. Maybe soon I will be free of the mother-ship(Microsoft).

  5. Why KDE 4.2 has a person going to 4-different places to get the clock customized is beyond me. Thank you very much for your help here as I now have it the way I like.

  6. It would be nice to see a link to this setting from the Digital Clock applet. I also wish I could find a way to display just a/p instead of am/pm. If you don’t want to log out to see the changes, just run “killall plasmadesktop” from a terminal, then hit alt+f2 and run plasmadesktop again.

  7. My Gentoo kde4.3.3 digital cloock lost the time zone data, only UTC. I did emerge -e kde-meta and libplasmaclock and one time all data is back and working, but after some time data is lost and only UTC is there.

  8. Hey, is there any way to have the clock put the date UNDER (or over) the time? Why does the time font have to be so BIG?

  9. So what needs to be done to make the clock not ignore leap seconds? The time zone is correct (right/America/Denver) and /etc/localtime matches this zone file. It’s set to use that as the default. I’ve restarted the plasma desktop. It is still off by the number of leap seconds. Other clocks are correct (bash command line, date, xclock)…

  10. My gripe with KDE 4.8.5 with regard to the digital plasma clock:

    When I set the time zone to UTC, the AM/PM should go away and the time format should be DEFACTO be 24 hour format with no “AM” or “PM” label

    Currently you have just one choice or the other:

    but this has to be the setting for every clock you have, I’d prefer to have multiple clocks, ie. one with 12 hour formatted local time with the AM/PM label and another with UTC 24 time without the redundant “AM/PM” label

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