McCain’s Experience is Insufficient

The issue of John McCain’s lack of computer experience has failed to get the attention in the mass media I feel it deserves.  Some have acknowledged that McCain’s lack of experience effectively looses him the vote of almost everyone under 30.  However, the problem is that the mass media seems to be treating this issue as just par for the course for a man of McCain’s age.  They’ve been treating it as just a cultural issue of little importance.

That’s just unacceptable.  My grandfather (who’s 10 years older than McCain) has been tooling around on the internet for a decade.  But, more importantly, this is a far bigger issue than the mere “behind the times” one that people seem to think it is.

American innovation isn’t with nuts and bolts anymore; it’s on the internet.  Yahoo, Google, Ebay, Amazon, YouTube…  All of these are American companies (YouTube got bought by Google, but it’s still American).  Internet innovation is one of the very few areas where America is still ahead of the rest of the world.  It’s imperative that we ensure Americans are afforded every opportunity to remain ahead.  That means we need leaders who understand how and why we’ve succeeded thus far, and have valid ideas about how to continue that success.

It genuinely scares me that some people actually think John McCain is a better candidate than Barack Obama because of his experience.  I’m sorry, but the sort of experience McCain has is not the sort I want running this country.  But more importantly, the areas where he lacks experience makes him completely unacceptable to me.


5 thoughts on “McCain’s Experience is Insufficient

  1. Some say Obama is a political neophyte who hasn’t been around around a long enough in politics. But that just isn’t so. He has been around for a long, long year.

    I recognized him immediately when I first saw him as I wasn’t taken in by his cosmetic difference in appearance. When he used the word “change” it was a dead give-away. He has used that slogan before.

    So, if you are ever in a position to meet Obama personally I would advise you to have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste. And remember to use all your well-learned politesse if you are ever in His presence.

  2. To say that Obama is more qualified than McCain because he has internet experience is nothing short of ridiculous. If you were to view their voting records and really look at what they believe in, you might see this in a different light. But then again maybe not. I would prefer to have someone in the Whitehouse who has always supported the country and has similar beliefs to mine as opposed to those of the middle east. I also would prefer to have a first lady that is proud of the United States, not one that will continue to present the things she doesn’t like. If the Obama sect is voted in I hope everyone will remember what he said and what really happens…..
    In my conversations with Obama supporters, I find they do what they are told to do without any study of their own.

  3. To Dan Schuessler:

    It’s amazing how you managed to tear into my post, without actually dealing with any of the substance in it. Perhaps the Right Wing paranoia about Barack Obama has overshadowed your perceptions here. I didn’t say Obama’s experience was superiority to McCain’s generally. I was talking about a specific issue of paramount importance to me personally that prevents me from even considering McCain as a viable option. This isn’t a question of Obama vs. McCain. If neither supported Net Neutrality, I wouldn’t be voting for either one. Simply attacking Obama doesn’t make me any more likely to vote for McCain.

    I appreciate that you at least have enough respect for other people’s opinions to acknowledge that there might be those who have seen Obama’s record and still support him. However, I don’t appreciate your assumption that I’m somehow ignorant of his positions on the issues of importance to me.

  4. Thanks for this post! I was already very opposed to McCain, but had not considered this shortcoming of his. While Dan is correct that voting records are very important, characteristics like this one that give clues to future behavior are just as important, IMO. Hopefully, our next president (whomever it is) will have the sense to facilitate American online innovation.

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