Ubuntu On My Macbook

I finally got around to playing a little with Ubuntu on my Macbook. The instillation is considerably more complicated than installing Windows on this machine. However, it wasn’t all that daunting of a task. A simple Google search comes up with this website, which was a good starting point. I needed at least one set of instructions from a different unreferenced site for the audio setup for my machine, but otherwise, everything seemed to work out fine.

The advantages of OS X and Ubuntu over Windows are obvious. The advantages of Ubuntu over OS X are not obvious. With Windows, the only real reason a person would want to install it on the Macbook would be for gaming, or work related legacy software. With Ubuntu, it’s basically all about what sort of user you are. If you’re into tweaking the OS to your liking, it’s certainly easier to do it with Ubuntu. It’s Linux; that’s what it’s made for. But if you just want a good desktop experience, OS X is more than good enough. Especially on the Macbook, where OS X was custom designed to run smoothly.

Compiz Fusion is great, and once you’ve got everything set up properly, Ubuntu seems to run fine. However, a person who has paid a premium for hardware that can run OS X is likely to ask a very simple question: Why bother with Linux, if I’ve already got OS X? Honestly, unless you’re a Linux fan, or a hardcore power user, I don’t have a good answer to that question.

There’s no doubt in my mind that, if you’ve got a PC, you should be running Linux (preferably Ubuntu). But, if you’ve got a Mac, OS X seems good enough to me.

I’m going to leave Ubuntu on this machine, though. I still like fiddling around with it when I’ve got the time.


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