Enchanted Arms Doesn’t Suck

I’ve been playing Enchanted Arms on my Playstation 3 a lot recently.  I’ve gotten over 30 hours into it, so I’m probably about half way through, more or less.

The game is sort of like a cross between Final Fantasy X and Pokémon.  The peppy main character and his friends go around collecting fighting golems and try to save the land from other golems.  The overall story and dialogue aren’t anything to write home about.  What’s more, the game itself assumes you’ve never played a JRPG before, so the fighting system isn’t too complex, and the tutorials get a little redundant.  The graphics in the game look like a PS2 game that had the resolution turned up a bit, so there’s nothing special here visually.

All that being said, the game doesn’t suck.  And right now, it’s the only Japanese RPG on the Playstation 3.  If you are so desperate for a JRPG that the idea of playing a subpar Final Fantasy/Pokémon is actually appealing to you, then find yourself a used copy and buy it ASAP.

If you’re not desperate, though, you might just want to wait till Eternal Sonata comes out on PS3.


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