I’ve Been Fired

I worked for a document conversion company. We would take legal documents, scan them, then send back both the documents and the digital images of them. It was a simple business model, and one that I once thought was very forward looking, and effectively recession proof. However, there were two problems with that assumption: 1) It didn’t take into account how horribly the company was being managed, and 2) the company I worked for was actually owned by another larger company…that worked primarily in the housing sector.

They decided to cut costs. They said it wasn’t about performance, it was just that 20 people had to go, and I was one of them. I don’t doubt that management came down and said 20 people have to go. I just don’t know how much middle management had a say in who those 20 people should be. I know both of the managers immediately above me weren’t happy about seeing me leave…

Laid off, downsized…fired, terminated. This hasn’t ever happened to me before. I don’t like it. I’m rather upset about it. Though, oddly, not as upset as I might be. I had planned to leave and go back to collage after the Christmas holiday. I had just wanted to remain employed until then.

I was happier working at that company than I’ve ever been working for anyone else. There were problems, but little of it really affected me. I’d come in, put my headphones on, and do my work, while listening to some audiobook or podcast. I’d scan, or check quality, or fix images for ten hours while listening to whatever I wanted, then I’d go home. I didn’t have to talk to anyone if I didn’t want to. I didn’t have to run around, or do hard labor. It was simple, easy, and mindless. What’s more, it was at night. It was a nice job.

I suppose it’s time to look for better things. Right now, though, I’m still in the midst of the emotional aftermath, so I’m having trouble seeing past this moment. The future looks like a gaping black hole. Maybe things will look different after a little while.


One thought on “I’ve Been Fired

  1. You shouldn’t be upset or anything; you might have loved you work, but it might be harmful later on. Also you must know that the next job you’ll take might be much more beneficial, even if you think it is bad.

    People lose beloved things only when better is yet to come.

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