Finally, Final Fantasy VII on PSN.

American consumers can now download the PSX version of Final Fantasy VII off the PSN store. I highly suggest that everyone get it.

People have been modding their PSPs to play Final Fantasy VII since the system came out, and now you can finally play it on the PSP natively without any need for mods. Truth be told, I already have a PSP with custom firmware that lags behind the official firmware, but with a little howto I found here that wasn’t a problem.

In one of my earliest posts, I pleaded with people not to play Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core before playing the original Final Fantasy VII first. Well, here’s the best opportunity to do that. All downloaded PSX titles from the PSN store can be played on both the PSP and PS3, and you can even share save files between the two systems, so you never need to redo a section of game you already played through on one system.

I was slightly disappointed that this version of FFVII doesn’t have the PC version’s translation of the dialogue (the Cloud and Aeris conversation outside the Honey Bee Inn still makes no sense), and at 1,349 megabytes, it’s a little big for any PSP memory stick 4 gigs or under. That being said, I still think this is a great thing. I already own FFVII on disc, but it’s great to have a version I can carry with me in my PSP, and play on my PS3 regardless of what disc I have in the system.

Hopefully, Sony and Square get enough positive response from this that they’ll want to do this with all the old popular Square titles. We might even get some PSP remakes like what the Nintendo DS got with FF IV. Just imagine Final Fantasy VI remade with the Crisis Core engine for the PSP. Of course, I’d also just be happy with a Chrono Trigger port.


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