Thoughts On How Memories Work

To this day, I’m baffled by the number of people (I’m looking at you JK Rowling) who actually believe that the human mind is even capable of remembering an event perfectly.  That’s simply not how the mind works.  It’s all a series of connections, relations, and correlation.  No one memory stands alone fully intact.  They’re all, to some extent, connected to other strands of memory.  This reduces memory redundancy with similar events and situations, so it saves space.  In CS terms, it’s a form of data compression. Unfortunately, this type of compression is susceptible to false connections.  A dream is little more than a series of free floating memory strands.  When said strands get mixed up when we’re awake, it results in us remembering things happening in ways they didn’t.  A conversation you had yesterday being remembered as something that happened a week ago…  Something in a fan fic that later you remember as having actually happened in the real book/s…  Something happening in a dream that you later recall as something someone told you…

Or, in the case of this clip, something that didn’t happen at all, but was put together from other memories that actually did happen…


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