Chrome OS

Recently, Google made some major announcements about the Chrome web browser, and Chrome OS.  I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of Chrome OS.  That concept being that users only really use their web browsers anyway, so why load a desktop OS in the background, if all you’re going to use it for is to run the web browser.  That idea falls short on Desktop computers, but makes a lot of sense to me for laptops and netbooks.

As I see it, desktops and laptops are designed for different things.  Desktops are good for stationary tasks, while laptops are good for portable tasks.  Chrome OS is meant to make the portable tasks that much more portable, thus making the laptop that much better at doing what it was designed to do in the first place.  A machine running Chrome OS would be a great web browser, chat, and e-mail device.  It would make a horrid media server, but then again, so would most laptops (unless you never took it anywhere; in which case, why did you get a laptop?).

It’s obvious by now that I love experimenting with new Operating Systems.  I played with the Windows 7 Beta all the way up to its official release, and I’ve been playing with Linux distros for many years (Arch has officially become my favorite, by the way).  For that reason, I applied for Google’s Chrome OS pilot program.  Truth be told, I don’t expect to be selected for it, if only because I’m one dude in a city of 1.37 million, and even if Google were to distribute their pilot program by location, my chances of getting in aren’t very good.  That being said, if I do get selected you can bet I’ll do a review here.  Otherwise, I’ll eventually have to find a version of Chromium OS that I can install on my Macbook, because I don’t think it would be fair to review Chrome/Chromium OS in a Virtual Machine.  It’d be too like running Chrome/Chromium the browser.  I also don’t want to just build the developer version from source, because I don’t think that would be a proper user level experience either.



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