CR-48 Speed

Google’s CR-48 is running on a single core Atom processor, and so it’s not quite as snappy as some people might be used to.  Here are a couple ways to improve performance on the CR-48.

1. Prevent your browser from loading flash automatically.  Flash is a notorious recourse hog, and that fact is made exponentially worse under Linux (Chrome OS runs on Linux), because Adobe tends to treat Linux development as a low priority.  Supposedly, Adobe is working on this problem, but for now, you might want to do this:

Go into Chrome OS settings (click on the wrench, then click on settings).
Click on “Under the Hood”.
In the privacy section, click on “Content settings…”.
Click on the “Plug-ins” tab.
Change the setting to either “Click to play” or “Block all” (I use “Click to play”, but you may have trouble with that option syncing to your desktop Chrome browser at this point).

2. Prevent your browser from loading javascript automatically.  I don’t use this option anymore, because it can get rather annoying to manually allow javascript on every website where I want it, and given that I want it on almost all the websites I go to anyway, this option became effectively useless to me.  However, it will improve the speed your websites load, so if you want to give it a try, here is how:

Same first 3 steps as #1 (go to settings, then “Under the Hood”, then “Content settings…”).
Click on the “JavaScript” tab
Change the setting to “Do not allow any site to run JavaScript”.

Both of these options will show you a small icon in the address bar when something is blocked, and when you click on that icon, it gives you some options about what you want to do regarding the blocked content on that page.

Neither of these options will turn the CR-48 into a speed demon, but the plug-in blocking in particular is likely to improve your browsing experience tremendously.


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