Kingkiller Chronicles

The Kingkiller Chronicles is an epic fantasy trilogy, if you can call a series of books a “trilogy” if the third book isn’t out yet…

Let’s cut to the chase: The Name of the Wind (the first book in the series) is debatably the best book I’ve ever listened to.  I don’t want to spoil anything, because I think everyone with even a passing interest in the Fantasy genre should read this book.  Let it just be said that Patrick Rothfuss (the author) takes a pretty standard fantasy plot (that most of you will have seen before), and reworks it into something indescribably phenomenal.

The Wise Man’s Fear (the second book) doesn’t quite reach that lofty height.  It’s a great book, but some of the ideas in it (specifically the ideas presented as part of the Adem culture) grated a bit.  Other than that, I consider it a perfectly worthy sequel.

Final judgment on the trilogy as a whole will obviously have to wait till the next book comes out.  This trilogy, once finished, could turn out to be one of the greatest classics of the Fantasy genre…or not.  But in my opinion, the fact that the first two books allow for that potentiality at all is rather significant.


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