The Iron Druid Chronicles

I’ve described many of the urban fantasy books I’ve read as “like the Dresden Files, but…”  Usually, that’s a pretty good way of describing these books.  The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne is no exception.

The Iron Druid Chronicles is like the Dresden Files, but with a Druid instead of a Wizard.  There’s more to it than that: the druid is a few thousand years old, he’s not a private investigator, and he’s the last of his kind…  But in my opinion, the feel of the books is fairly similar to some of the Dresden Files.  The author certainly seems to have a similar sort of goofy humor.

One of the more noteworthy parts of the series, though, is that the main character (Atticus O’Sullivan) starts the series sort of where I would expect Harry Dresden to end the Dresden Files.  The character is already effectively immortal, and powerful enough to nearly be considered a god-like being in his own right.  He may not have the same sort of power as Harry (force and fire), but along with his less direct nature based Druidic magic, his near immortality has resulted in him developing a Doctor Who-like ability to predict and counter his opponents.  Atticus kills a lesser god in book one.  Harry Dresden doesn’t get around to doing that until *much* farther in the series, and even then there were special circumstances.

Books one and two were okay, but book three was just epic fun.  That book deals very heavily with Norse Mythology, and it’s really entertaining to watch how all these different mythologies interact with each other…and try to kill each other…


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