October Daye

I’m having trouble nailing down exactly why I disliked the first two books in the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire.  The main character is a half-human/half-fae “changeling”, and as a result there is a lot of discussion about the Fea.  Usually, I enjoy that.  I love the Sidhe in the Dresden Files, I enjoy them immensely in the Alex Craft series, and I even liked them a lot in the Mercedes Thompson books I got through.  Given that, why did I find the October Daye books so dull?

Honestly, some of it might have the do with the narrator.  Some of the voices she tries to pull off fall flat on their face in the first book, and while it gets better in the second book, that improvement only brings it up to the level of mediocrity.  Maybe the narrator would have done better with different material…

Maybe the real problem is the perspective.  Being part Fea, the main character has no sense of wonder or awe about the fairy world.  Nothing is fantastical, it’s just family, and frankly, it’s not that fun of a family.  What’s more, neither of the books had plots that were all that interesting; very little seemed relevant to the outside world.

One of these days, I might try the next book in the series (after all, a lot of series don’t pick up till later on).  But given how dull I found the first two, I’ll probably only get around to it once I’ve exhausted a few more alternatives.


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