Felix Castor

Felix Castor is an atheist exorcist and private investigator in London who plays a tin whistle in order to manipulate spirits.  That’s almost all there is to say about this series.  Individually, each book is enjoyable enough, but there’s no real overarching plot that would make you all that interested in the next book in the series.  In fact, the author does a bit of a bait and switch with the first and second books: the first book ends with a situation that leaves you thinking “oh, that’s going to be interesting and fun to read about in the next book…”  When you get the next book, you find the author just skipped over the whole event.  It’s only ever referenced again in the past tense as having already happened.

In the universe where this takes place, ghosts started popping up and becoming a major problem fairly recently.  Hauntings and Zombies weren’t very common until a specific date.  What happened on that date?  Is there some greater plan at work?  Three books into the series, and our hero Felix Castor doesn’t seem to give a damn about why these things are happening, and so the reader is never given any insight into it.  But more importantly, we’ve not even been told that there’s anything worthwhile to discover.  The dead may have started rising just because.  Sh*t happens.

Technically, there are five books in this series, but audible.com only has the first three, so that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  I wouldn’t mind listening to more, but I have no real drive to do so either.


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