Georgina Kincaid

I know I said that I avoided Romance novels.  Just give me a second to explain.  I had just purchased my Nook Color, and I was looking for something to test out the device’s electronic store.  While browsing said store, I found a cover blurb for Succubus Blues (written by Richelle Mead) from Jim Butcher.  He called it “an engaging read”.  So, I downloaded the free sample the Nook store offers, and I was hooked.  Within the first chapter of the first book, I was immersed in that world, and hooked on that book.  That almost never happens to me.

That being said, this is not a phenomenally written series, nor is it an epic story.  It’s just an easy read, with fun and engaging characters.

Yes, it’s romance, and yes, people often behave very stupidly for no other reason than because this is a romance series.  But the series has so much charm that I can’t help but forgive its shortcomings.  Plus, being about a Succubus, the series has a lot of graphic sex scenes that the author successfully writes in a way to make them worthwhile for the reader (unlike Kim Harrison, who seems physically and psychologically incapable of writing an interesting sex scene).  I was hooked on the first book long before the first graphic sex scene, so that’s not why I like the series, but it doesn’t hurt.

However, keep in mind that I do not recommend this series in audiobook form.  Truly good sex scenes are very embarrassing to listen to.  It was almost too embarrassing to read those scenes while in public (waiting for the dentist, and whatnot).  The prospect of having a voice actress moaning at me while at work…  No.  Sorry, but I’d much prefer to read the text of that in private.

There are six books in this series.  The sixth and final book, Succubus Revealed, came out fairly recently.  If you’re interested in an easy and fun read, the Georgina Kincaid series wouldn’t be a bad choice.


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