The Greywalker series is about a P.I. who dies, and comes back with the ability to move between the living and spirit world.  Sort of like Soul Reaver, but without the epic plot.  I’ve managed to get through the first five books in this series out of raw momentum.  The story never really held my attention very well, largely because the author tends to provide a lot more exposition than practical demonstrations.  Honestly, half the time, I was under the impression that these characters were just talking to fill up the page.

Despite that, I still found the premise interesting.  It’s even more morbid than the Grave Witch (or Alex Craft) books, but the ability described is more complicated than my earlier Soul Reaver reference.  While she does move between the living and spirit world, the spirit world isn’t portrayed like it is in Soul Reaver.  In this series, the spirit would (or The Grey, as she calls it) is also where magic comes from, and so the main character (Harper Blaine) can actually see magic; it’s colors, the various constructs made by it, and so on.  She even sees emotion as a type of color cloud around people.

It’s a very interesting idea, but the author’s writing style never held my interest very well.  There’s only one more book in the series that’s out right now, but I don’t really have much interest in listening to it.  At the moment, I have better things to listen to.



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