The Kane Chronicles

After listening to The Heroes of Olympus series, I decided to go back and listen to the Rick Riordan books I skipped.  There are two books in the Kane Chronicles, and it honestly doesn’t surprise me that Rick Riordan went back to writing Percy Jackson spin offs after these two books.  Egyptian myths just aren’t as well known as Greek or Roman myths.  The Egyptian pantheon is so far removed from modern society and culture that it just doesn’t hold the same sort of relevance.

That being said, these books were still very fun.  They might have been more fun in text form, though.  The audiobooks are narrated by two different people.  Within the book, a boy and a girl alternate narrating these events, and so the people making the audiobook decided it was a good idea to have a man read when the boy was narrating, and have a woman read when the girl was narrating.  It’s a great idea that doesn’t really work quite as well in execution as it does in concept.  You end up with two different vocal interpretations of everything within the same book.  I can’t say that bugged me, as much as it just made the books harder to get into.

There was also a hint that suggests these books take place in the same world as Percy Jackson.  I think it would be really fun to see the protagonists from this series team up with some of the demigods from the Percy Jackson series.  Maybe we’ll see that in one of the next Rick Riordan books.


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