Nightlife is the first book in the Cal and Niko Leandros series written by Rob Thurman.  Unfortunately, only has this first book, so that’s the only one I’ve been able to listen to.

Put simply, this book is a slightly different take on the plotline from the CW TV show Supernatural.  There’s very little more to say about it, honestly.  Two brothers, one of them being part demon, run around the country getting into trouble.  In this first book, the most interesting thing is the fact that all the major characters are male, but the author is female.  And the only reason that’s interesting is because, if you didn’t know the author was female, there’s an extremely good chance you’d have never known based on the content of this book.  She handles the male perspective extremely well, considering she’s never been male herself.  There are ways it shows through, if you know to look for it, but overall I applaud the author for the successful personal mind bending she must have had to go through.

I really wish had more of this series available.  The first book wasn’t phenomenal, but it was certainly better than some of the other books I’ve listened to, and as I’ve noted before, a good series usually gets better with each book.  I’d love to know if that’s the case here too.


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