Before I was addicted to The Dresden Files, I was addicted to the Discworld; a series of humorous fantasy books written by Terry Pratchett.  I’m still a big fan of Terry Pratchett, and his most recent book, Snuff, is yet another excellent installment in the Discworld series.

The Discworld is massive.  Snuff is the 39th book in this series, which Terry Pratchett has been writing since the early 1980s.  Don’t feel overwhelmed, however.  This book focuses on the city watch, and you really only need to read six or seven of the previous city watch books to be completely up to date with all the characters in this one.  Here’s a link to Wikipedia, where you will find some of the info you’ll need about which books to read.  The City Watch books are among my favorite books in the Discworld series (along with the Death books, and the Tiffany Aching books).

Snuff was a delight, the narrator was superb as ever, and unlike many of the other books I’ve listened to recently, listening to this book a second time is proving to be enjoyably worthwhile.  If you’re a Terry Pratchett fan, you will enjoy this book.  If you’re not a Terry Pratchett fan, please go away, and don’t come back till you’ve become one.


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