On Basilisk Station

It isn’t fair to judge an entire series on the first book of that series.  The first couple books in any series tend to be the worst, in my experience.   Harry Potter, The Dresden Files, Discworld…  Many of my favorite books of all time are sequels to some pretty mediocre books.  For that reason, I feel sort of bad ending my experience with the Honor Harrington series after book one.  Unfortunately, I barely had enough interest to finish On Basilisk Station, and it left me with no real desire to experience more.

The main problem with this book was the mind numbing exposition and technobabble at every opportunity.  I think that’s why I rarely read hard science fiction.  I want a story, and a lot of science fiction gets easily side tracked by technicalities.  To be fair, there is a good story in this book, but it’s overshadowed by excessive exposition.  Maybe that sort of exposition comes off better in text than it does in audiobook.

When deciding if you want to continue reading a series, one question is more important than any other: do I want more?  I’m glad I listened to On Basilisk Station, but I have no desire for more.


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