The Wheel of Time…books 7-13

With all due respect and reverence for Robert Jordan, I think Brandon Sanderson managed to make books 12 and 13 evocative and gripping in a way Robert Jordan could only merely come close to.  The overall story of this series is awesome, and Robert Jordan deserves all the credit for that.  The trajectory and progress of these characters has been awesome, but I can’t image another author who could wrap up this story better than Mr. Sanderson.  My only complaint about the last two books is that I had some minor chronological confusion about when some things were happening relative to the other characters in the series.

Honestly, I’m not going to say this is the best series I’ve listened to, but the overall experience has nevertheless been fantastic.  I greatly enjoyed this past month and a half.  The series has its ups and downs, but it’s more than worth the time it takes to get through; and given how long the series is, that’s saying something.

I look forward to the last book in the series with enthusiasm.


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